Applying to SM entertainment

Hey everyone!!

I know most of you Kpop fans out there want to audition for SM entertainment and other companies, so here’s a little briefing of what you should know first:

1)Your intro:  Just send them an email with a video. Make sure to include your name, age, nationality, ethnicity, first language, your school, school year, email address, home address, home/mobile number, height, weight, etc. Mention your specialties (singing, acting, etc.) and include photos of yourself. They must not be low quality, cell phone photos, sticker photos and they cannot be edited.

2)Your age:  Companies hardly ever accept anyone over 20, SM says they take any age but they prefer people in their teens.

3)Your level of talent: I suggest before you audition or send them a video, you practice and practice. But SM entertainment mostly is interested in good looks. If you’re good-looking but don’t have much talent, then don’t worry they’ll train you in those areas. SM mainly takes people who are great dancers and even if you audition for singing, you’ll still have to do a rhythm test and dance. If you’re a bad singer then they might train you in rapping more.

4) Your height & weight: The shortest of SM artists are 159-160 cm. SM likes skinny people. If you’re kinda short you’ll probably have to wear heals. If you look at the Korean idols they’re all tall.

5) Your choice of song: You are allowed to sing in any language I’m pretty sure but it would be good if you could show of some Korean, since they get thousands of emails and most of the applicants can’t speak Korean, it might give you a better chance if you can speak a little bit. Go ahead and sing an English song, you’re expected to sing a song you’re good at. But prepare a korean song too and other song because if you’re good they might ask for more and if you’re someone they are interested in they’ll contact you in a couple of month or weeks.

6)Your skin-type: If you don’t have the pale skin that SM wants, they’ll give you skin whitening cream and keep you indoors probably. Yuri from SNSD was quite tanned when she auditioned and now she’s pale. Before groups debut they pick who needs to get plastic surgery and who doesn’t. Korean groups are usually balanced with someone that is amazing at something, like someone in the group is the best singer, or dancer, rapper, best looking/personality, etc… and if you’re say, average at pretty much everything, you might  have a low chance of being accepted.

7)Your schooling + college:  If you are a trainee at SM you can choose to go to school while training but it would be a whole lot more stressful and tiring. but you would have to quit schooling if you’re out of South Korea, because you will have to move to S.Korea and live there. If you want to go to college then companies most likely pay for you and you can go to college but your chances of debuting are low because you basically train from 7 am to 10 pm unless you’re willing to put in the extra work. If you do make it and want to go to college, do it after you debut which might take a couple of years depending on other factors.

The most important thing is self confidence. First of all, before deciding to audition, you have to be confident, why are you even gonna audition if you know you’re not gonna make it?

Another thing you should know is if you’re underage then you need your parents approval, because if accepted and you’re signing the contract, Lee Soo Man will need to speak to your parents and get their approval.

Bearing all this in mind, those of you who are going ahead to audition Best of luck!! ^^


I wanna know what you think!

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